ReservIT - Online Bookings

Integrate our Booking Engine into your website and never pay commision again.

What about Internet reservations?

As online reservations are a growing trend in all sectors including restaurant reservations the ReservIT solutions includes an outstanding web reservations modules.

This module connects your restaurants web site(s) directly to your ReservIT reservations system, providing real time availability and instant confirmation, without the high cost or third party commission-based services.

Instant confirmation is ideal for the guest and the capture of reservation directly into your ReservIT system eliminates all the challenges of dealing with email bookings.

Make It Your Own

The Online booking integrates into your existing website, so you can customize your link and landing page to present a contemporary service oriented image to your guests. Add customise links anywhere you want to accept dining reservations e.g. Facebook etc.

All wording in the booking gadget appearing on your web pages is configurable by you for each restaurant.

Each restaurant can have its own branded confirmation letter with information that is specific for that venue e.g. Google maps and restaurant logo’s etc.

Pricing - $0!

No fee/commission  applies for bookings made via your own web page. That's correct, no booking fee or per-pax fee.

How We Can Help

The confirmation sent to your guests contains your restaurant branding.

You have complete control of the wording used in the booking module and confirmation details sent to the guest.


What Others Say About Us

We were paying $500 a month for bookings made on our own web site. With ReservIT there is no fee!

Our guests really appreciate the the Google map link sent to them with their confirmation. Its a great help in finding parking and the restaurant..

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